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Salon Services

Beautiful Results. Personalized Care.

Cut & Style Services
Women’s Haircut (No Blow Dry)


A hair cut only. Your stylist knows that a woman’s hair is different and has different needs. Your stylist also understands that your hair cut is a big part of your personal appearance.

Women’s Haircut & Style


A haircut that will flatter your hair type and lifestyle. Accompanied by a blow dry, which allows your stylist to texturize and add detail to your haircut.

Blow Dry


A simple style that can be created by blow-drying. It could go straight, flip out, give lots of volume, or some bounce.

Add Curls to Blow Out – $10+

Add Braids to Blow Out – $10+

Bang Trim


Quick trim for your bangs in-between haircuts. Beauty Bar Salon helps you maintain every aspect of your haircut, the bang trim is just one of the things we do to help you maintain a great cut and style.

Men’s Haircut


Your stylist knows that men need cuts that are up to date and that directly reflects who you are. Our men’s haircut is a cut all your own that you and your stylist will create together.

Children’s Haircut (No Blow Dry)
12 & under


A children’s haircut with no blow dry, that will help give them a manageable clean look.

Children’s Haircut & Blow Dry
12 & under


A children’s haircut and blow dry. A children’s haircut that will give them a cute style and make it easy to manage.

Formal Style


A formal hairstyle for any kind of event; Be it weddings, proms, or black-tie events Your hair can be swept and pinned up or worn down in luxurious curls. Hair must be clean and dry.

Beard Trim


Polish your overall appearance. We trim away stray hairs and shape your beard to give you a handsome appearance.

Conditioning & Treatments
Deep Conditioning Treatment


Deep conditioning that is a great add-on to any hair service. They moisturize and smooth the hair, help do away with split ends, and keep the hair healthy.

Conditioning Treatment with Heat



Scalp Treatment


This treatment exfoliates the scalp to get rid of flakes and support healthy hair growth. All the while the conditioning treatment soothes the skin and moisturizes the scalp.

Hair Color Services

Glaze & Shine


The glaze/shine adds a subtle wash of color over your existing hair color. This makes the hair shiny and adds an extra dimension of color.

Single Process


An all-over root touch-up. If color is needed throughout the ends, there may be an additional charge.

Dimensional Color


Two or more colors that are usually in larger block sections. This gives a new dimensional feel and takes you away from traditional highlights.

All Over Color



Fashion Color


Fashion hair color is a direct dye. This means the color sits on the surface of your hair; it is not a permanent hair color and does not permanently change the color of your hair. It fades at a much faster rate than the permanent and demi-permanent dyes that you might be more familiar with.

Men's Partial Color


(10 min. process)

Brow Tint



Crown Highlight (5 – 10 foils)


Highlights that are focused on the top of the head to give a little dimension to your color and highlight your face.

Partial Highlight (11 – 30 foils)


Highlights that are placed on the top and sides of head to help give dimension to the over all color.

Full Highlight (31 – 41 foils)


Highlights that are placed all over the head to add dimension and color. They are placed on top, sides, and underneath. This gives an “all over color” look without doing a full single process color.




Root Touch Up


An all over root touch up.

Bleach Touch Up – $60+

Hairline Touch Up – $28+



Ombre is a French word meaning “shaded” or “shading”. This color method gives you a drastic fade from dark roots to gradually lighter hair through the middle, then very light or blonde ends.

Balayage: a technique for highlighting hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.

Types we offer:
Face Framing Balayage – $60+
Partial Balayage – $75+
Full Balayage – $100+
Balayage Root Refresh – $50+

Chemical Services
Keratin Treatment

$175+ (above shoulders)

$200+ (below shoulders)

A keratin smoothing treatment with no formaldehyde or formaldehyde derivatives! It eliminates up to 100% frizz and is gentle enough for all hair types.



Relaxers can be done two ways; cold or hot. The cold process softens the tightness of the curls to retain body and curl, depending how much curl you would like to keep. The hot process is a longer process and removes all signs of curl to achieve pin-straight hair.


 $80+  (short to medium length)

$100+ (long hair)

Perms give your hair curl and body. They also help give fine hair a better style hold.

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